Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours Training

After attending a Protective Behaviours workshop day in January 2013 which I thought was a really amazing experience, I began practising Protective Behaviours in the nursery setting where I worked as an Early Years teacher at the time.  By the summer of 2013, I realised I wanted to follow the pathway to become a PB trainer.  I feel very fortunate to have been mentored by Sally Ann Hart, a highly experienced and, I think, a incredibly skilled Protective Behaviours trainer.  I attended many Foundation courses as an observer in the months to follow. Essential to my train-the-trainer route, as well as key to my practice, I attended a  4-Day Specialist Practitioner course in January 2014, then subsequently observed a 4-Day Specialist Practitioner course in the spring, during which I  had the opportunity to do some co-training alongside Sally Ann Hart and Simon Sneath on the fourth day.  By spring of 2014, I had observed a significant number of Foundation courses and continued to do so, learning more each time.  In April 2014, I began co-training on 2-Day Foundation courses alongside Sally Ann, while continuing to enjoy and develop my practice as a Specialist Practitioner in PBs working in early years settings and schools.

In July 2014, I developed a training workshop session about The Voice of the Child, based on the Protective Behaviours process for people working with children and young people who may disclose abuse or neglect. It is really important to me that children can feel as safe as possible when sharing their “awful” with adults and asking for help.

I feel incredibly grateful to Sally Ann Hart for mentoring me throughout my train-the-trainer journey. I also feel thankful to all the trainers in the Protective Behaviours Training Partnership for sharing their excellent practice, in my opinion, and for supporting my learning to this day, as I continue to practice and train PBs.