Wet cake and swimming costumes….

Feeling rather unsure how to title this entry, though knowing the two issues I definitely want to write about, I can hopefully explain my choice of subject line….

I read an article recently which can be found here which is a story of a child’s birthday cake, a birthday cake which got rained on, and the photo of it which went ‘viral’ online and became a joke.  As I read, I realised the article was a good example of ‘is my fun, fun for everyone?…’  The answer in this case, is no, in my opinion.  The piece highlights how people’s boundaries of laughing at others are very different when it is done virtually, behind the safety of a screen/keyboard.  I encourage readers to ask themselves if they have ever gone a step further online than they would have done face to face?  And reflect on how this might feel for others?  E-Safety policies really only need to say “We all have the right to feel safe, all the time.”

As for the swimming costume, a friend recently recounted a story whereby her daughter felt very distressed trying to find a swimming costume in the house which she felt safe and comfortable in… a swimming costume which covered enough of her body.  My friend resorted to taking her daughter hastily to the shops to purchase a new costume which didn’t show too much of her tummy/back/hips…… The child’s age, you might ask?  7 years old.   What unwritten rules about how a girl ‘should’ look in a swimsuit, has this child absorbed already, at such a young age?  What does society do to help the child feel safe and comfortable in the swimming costumes she had in her drawer that looked fine, in my friend’s opinion? How can we make changes so that children feel less pressured to look a certain way, conforming to ‘acceptable’, stereotypical ideals of beauty?

More questions than ideas today, though hopefully choosing to consider the questions feels fun/exciting?…. 🙂

As for training, really looking forward to supporting a dance school in East Anglia with safeguarding training and procedures in the coming months.  Also, hoping to book a Protective Behaviours training course in Northants for August, so please get in contact if this would suit you or a colleague.

Hope the summer feels fun, and you can find a swimsuit you feel safe and comfortable in!!