The Adventure Begins

January 2015 … A new year … and a big, new, sparkling adventure!

After working as a teacher for over 14 years, I have chosen to leave my school-based role, and wade out into unchartered waters, more commonly known as “going freelance”!  With a passion for safeguarding in education, a penchant for the Protective Behaviours process, and a love for delivering training, I have decided to find a way to be true to my inner self, working with children and practitioners in settings, to help people to find ways to feel safer.  I’m also intent on promoting improved safeguarding practice in schools, delivering training for people working with children across all sectors, and hopefully contributing to safer outcomes for children and families.

I am starting back on the first day of the new term, the first week of January, with some Protective Behaviours work for the people working for the local authority team for children learning who have visual impairment, so I won’t have time to think…. which is probably the best way!

I hope to update this blog regularly and hope you can find time to dip in now and then and follow the journey.

2 comments to The Adventure Begins

  • Many, many congratulations Judith at the start of another fantastic adventure – sounds like a mixture of fun to feel scared and risking on purpose to me. I believe that you are a wonderfully creative person who has the skills to develop a wide range of exciting materials and experiences for people or all ages and stages of development that will lead to people feeling safer. Looking forward to being on your network and watching the adventure unfold 🙂

  • Susan

    I was not only impressed with the content of this website, but the dedication/creativity and “promise” of a safer environment for our children and grandchildren. We as “gently used” parents/grandparents are never to old to learn. It is a joy to feel that Judith is open to not only education – but encourage the importance of keeping our children safe. A child who feels “safe” sees the future as one they can walk into with confidence – not hide behind the unknown and fear. A great new adventure Judith, congrats.