Feeling Enlightened

I think learning is always a good thing and I especially feel amazed about learning which I experience when I least expect it.

I have had several encounters over the past few weeks which have felt really fun and exciting, and most of all have left me feeling enlightened.  Facilitating Protective Behaviours workshop sessions at Nottingham Trent University recently, I felt enlightened to hear students engaging with children’s literature and looking for the PBs and the Language of Safety.  A few days later, I felt enlightened when delivering workshops at a conference in Cambridge about the Voice of the Child for children in Early Years who have multi-agency involvement, and a person who works as a practitioner suggested to see the child’s view/voice, the child  could be given a camera.  What an amazing way of defining and enabling the Child’s Voice, I think!

Most recently, spending a day in an Early Years setting, a little boy felt safe staying by my side….. I was in the outdoor area all day.  After several hours he looked like he felt frozen.  I gently suggested he might like to go inside to warm up.  Feeling anxious and wanting to stay with me, his eyes welled up in tears.  Possibly feeling empowered having had some PBs input, he said in a wobbly voice “I can CHOOSE!”  Excellent, in my opinion!  I always feel enlightened to hear the different ways very young children interpret and use the Protective Behaviours process to help themselves feel safer.

I wonder what’s helped you feel enlightened lately?

Wishing you lots of enlightened adventures in the days and weeks ahead 🙂