A Catalogue?….or a CSE Learning Activity Developed by a Child?

Arriving home at 7.30pm, I popped upstairs to tuck in our two youngest children.  Our middle daughter was lying in bed with a couple of Christmas catalogues which had come through the door that day, having picked them up off the mat, saving me a trip to the recycling box.

“Mum?…Can I show you something?  This one’s really good for learning about CSE [Child Sexual Exploitation].  Can I show you my idea?….”  S has a really good understanding of CSE and the risks, having become interested during the Police media campaign to raise awareness of CSE in our community, earlier this year.  Having carefully selected a number of photographs of young models (who she thought looked under 18) she had cut them out, sticking them on a sheet of paper.   Entitling her work “Is this you?”, she had developed a series of question prompts to caption the photos, encouraging children/young people to think about elements of Child Sexual Exploitation.

As well as feeling amazed at her creativity and her wish to contribute to addressing CSE for her generation, the words “It’s Not Rocket Science” came to mind.  How is it a 9 year old child can have such a clear understanding of this form of child abuse enabling her to devise a creative, cut-and-paste activity to teach her peers about CSE risk, considering their feelings & thoughts in response to risk situations?  If it really is as easy as that, then I think we absolutely can be doing more to support children and young people to learn about CSE and feel safer growing up, knowing how to get help at the earliest possible moment.


CSE Activity - S