The Death of a Bird

Afternoon school run traffic on the edge of city centre. People boldly parking on double yellows outside the shops means traffic along the stretch is chaotic, and stop-start. As I edge towards the next set of traffic lights, I notice a small commotion in front


Littered with Judgement

Littered With Judgement by @jcstaff_

Some months back, a sign did the rounds on social media. It was an anti-littering campaign from a city in the north-east. An unpleasantly-worded admonishment, belittling those who drop litter, as though “they” are an underclass of some sort. I


The Sock Basket

The Sock Basket by @jcstaff_

Several years ago, I came up with a solution to the socks that go astray, and get separated from their partners in the laundry room crowd. A small wicker basket, the size of a shoebox was designated The Sock Basket.



Social…..What? — by JC Staff

How quickly we adopt new vocabulary, how readily it becomes everyday parlance. This time last month, the term “social distancing” probably meant something very strange to our population here in the UK, it even sounds self-contradictory. Now, ten days into


Mind-Body Exercise and Sexual Assault

Body, Mind Exercise and Sexual Assault by @jcstaff_

It’s no secret that exercise can be universally good for well-being. It is a mood enhancer, as the body releases feel-good endorphins when we exercise. Additionally, regular workouts can improve self-worth and


Making A Change

age 4 at Astley Park, Chorley, England


I just walked away from my profession.

You know what? It wasn’t the first time.

I am a teacher who left the classroom this week (again), leaving a cohort of children behind. They


Mind The Sharks

Childhood summers in Ontario, swimming in lakes with no idea how deep they were, dark, murky water full of things I couldn’t see that moved past my legs. Fish, reeds, boys’ hands – who knew? But all I could think about was sharks. And Orca



A year ago last week, I saw this hashtag on Twitter: #RunEveryDay. It was started by a sportswear company and people could “sign up” on their website and receive motivational emails throughout the month. With no desire for any more spammy emails clogging my already


Early Morning Running

I openly admit it: I am a fair-weather runner. I love running, but I am a rather a diva about the weather. To lure me out of the gym, I need it to be not too cold, not too windy and not raining.


Are You Benchmarking?

**Trigger warning – this blog contains references to sexual violence.

Estimated statistics suggest 1 in 3 women are survivors of physical or sexual harm in their lifetime, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape. In the past 24 hours, you